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Meet the animals of the ranch

Meet the Dogs

shasta_blackbear22 on instagram


Newest addition to the family, born on may 25th of 2019, she is young but eager to learn more. She is a black Labrador  retriever with aspiration to one day go hunt ducks and pheasants. For now sticks and rocks is the only thing this dog brings back home at the end of the day. Follow her on Instagram to see what sees up to next

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Guido of bisordi ranch and vineyards


Guido has been with the family for over eight years now since adopted from the Sonoma County animal shelter. He may be small in size but he makes that up in personality and bark. He is the loyal herd protector of the ranch and keeps things in check.

Meet the goats



Valentine is a boer goat who come to us from the Top of the Hill Boers and Downs farm in Sebastopol, California.She may be a sweetheart but thats not how she got that name, since she was born on Valentines day.


Diesel and Dom

Diesel and Dom are twin brothers who came from the state of Utah.We found them when they came down to the Cloverdale Citrus Fair and made them part of the family.Dom is shy, while diesel happens to be the life of the party and likes  to meet new people.The two of them are a packaged deal and hard to separate. 


Meet the chickens


Maurice is the rooster on the ranch. You can tell when it's 4 a.m by his call. He may look big and tough with his spurs, but he's the most timid animal on the ranch. We were fortunate enough to find at Western Farm Center to make him part of the family.


Hei Hei

She may be Hen and take the name of a rooster from the Disney movie Moana, yet thats only due to her personality. She is the broodiest hen we have ever had and takes care of all the eggs, there are only rare occasions when you may catch her off the nest. 

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