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Support Sustainable

Bisordi ranch and vineyard is a certified sustainable farm. We strive to better our community and ecosystem through our practices and hope that we can pave the path for the next generation.

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 Produce of Bisordi Ranch

sonoma county winegrowers chardonnay

60 tons of Bisordi ranch and vineyard  chardonnay is on the market for the 2020 season . Check out the ad on the Sonoma County winegrowers website. 

bisordi ranch walnuts

Bisordi Ranch Walnuts and Chestnuts are currently in stock for the season. Stop by the ranch and pick them up as a gift for the holiday season or a tasty treat. 

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Local harvest

Interested in walnuts, chestnuts, or olive oil? Our add for all our walnut, chestnut and olive oil sales can be found on local in the Santa Rosa, California area


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